About Us


WIN International Energy Pte. Ltd is an international EPC [Engineering, Procurement and Construction] energy consultancy company based in Singapore. WIN International Energy is teamed up by experienced experts over engineering, marketing, financing and local policy. With multilateral experience from project financing to engineering, from construction to management, WIN International Energy has been pursuing extensive cooperation in the areas of electric power planning consultancy, power generation & exploration, design, procurement, EPC and commissioning of power plant and grid projects.

We are committed to provide a brighter future for the people. We are dedicating our efforts to bring advanced technology towards fulfilling the need for more efficient methods in generating electricity.

While the business varied through our development, one thing has never changed: WIN has always demonstrated a strong commitment to our partners and societies. We believe a business can only be sustainable when it constructs a positive interaction and relationship with the community.

Our Core Values

Innovation, Integrity, Prosperity, Cooperation

We are a multinational team and committed to develop each employee’s potential and personal development.